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This site is full analogue of a Russian-speaking site " PHOTO MOSKVA"

The site partner of the "PHOTO MOSCOW" - while only one site of Otkalo Ilya:

  • "Jolly wind" - a Russian-speaking site about adventures and rest in the different countries, supplied with plentiful photos galleries. Such countries, as Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Egypt, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, France are described.

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Tours to Sokotra island
Site of the PHOTO Moscow - photos of Moscow, free pictures. The project of Otkalo Ilya. All photos placed on this site, it is authorised to overwork, correct and develop in any (even in commercial)
the purposes under condition of instructions of authorship in the form of the reference to this site, but only for placing on the Internet. It corresponds to the licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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