PHOTO MOSCOW - the Free photos of Moscow distributed on metro stations

About the Project "PHOTO MOSCOW"

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About the Project

This site is full analogue of a Russian-speaking site " PHOTO MOSKVA"

The project "PHOTO MOSCOW" are free photos of Moscow which can be used in any purposes (including commercial), but with an indispensable condition of instructions of the reference to this site. Under the demand the author can send a photo with the bigger permission, as a rule - to 3872x2592. Panoramas are sewed from several shots and can have the permission even more.

To whom the site will be useful:

  • To inhabitants of Moscow who wish to familiarise with those or other areas, for example in the course of a choice of area for residing, or it is simple for personal acquaintance

  • Content-managers and designers who need to receive quickly a photo of this or that area of Moscow, and do not have desire to go to do photos independently. For example, for the publication of news or instructions of a route of journey

All photos belong to the author of a site of Otkalo Ilya. Nevertheless, as it has already been told, photos can be used at own discretion. The majority of a photo is made by the professional mirror camera and kept in a format jpg in high resolution. Nevertheless the author does not apply for high art value of photoworks though tried to do them with the maximum quality. Processing in Photoshop - is minimum and is reduced to framing and adjustment of key parametres.

Photos are distributed on areas of metro stations and supplied by the short description and date of creation of a photo which will give understanding as this or that area varied and changed in due course. Not always it is possible to understand up to the end, to what metro station correctly to carry photos. Also it was necessary to go on some assumptions. For example, photos of museum-manor "Kolomenskoye" are carried all to metro "Kolomenskaya" though also many have been made of them much more close to metro "Kashirskaya". And the panorama "the Hodynskoye field" has been carried to metro station "Polezhayevskaya" though the place is more close to metro station"Begovaya", and the foto made from a place more close to metro "Aeroport". Therefore if you have not found something, look at other metro stations more close to required district.

The site constantly replenishes with new photos. At the moment of creation there were photos of an order of 70 % of areas of metro stations. All of them gradually will appear on a site.

Site of the PHOTO Moscow - photos of Moscow, free pictures. The project of Otkalo Ilya. All photos placed on this site, it is authorised to overwork, correct and develop in any (even in commercial)
the purposes under condition of instructions of authorship in the form of the reference to this site, but only for placing on the Internet. It corresponds to the licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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